L.E. Kokko's Tales from a disturbed mind

horror stories and dark tales from the disturbed mind of LE Kokko.

Meet the author

I currently live in Florida with my wife and three grown kids.  I retired from the Air Force in 1993 after serving my country for 20 years.  Afterward, my wife told me that now I would have to really work, and she was right!  I have held several jobs ranging from janitor to juvenile probation officer.  I am currently unemployed and on Social Security Disability.

I have been writing for several years. most of which has been in the horror genre.  I graduated from the National University's MFA Creative Writing.

I am a member of the Florida Writers Association, FWA. (http://www.floridawriters.net/)  where I am the regional Director for several counties and the Vice President for membership and Administration. 

FWA is a Florida based writing group that is 1,500 members strong and growing. We have members in just about every county in Florida, as well as a few outside the state and in other countries.

I am a supporting member of the Horror Writers Association (http://www.horror.org), an international group of horror authors, publishers, and editors.

I invite you to browse through the free samples of my work.  If a work is to be published, I will remove it from this site - for copy right purposes.

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