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Field Trip

Posted by LEKokko on August 11, 2010 at 11:58 AM

I just got back from a trip to Natchez, Mississippi. My wife wanted to visit a classmate she hadn't seen in a number of years (I'm not about to say how many).  I expected a small town with nothing much to do. Boy, I was I wrong.


Natchez is a pre-civil war historical site. We took a carriage ride around town,. The driver did an excelelnt job of relating the rich hetritage the town enjoys. Many of the antebellum style homes are still lived in, and are in immaculate shape - from the outside anyway.


The part I liked came later during the ghost tour. Eric, the guide, has spent countless hours over many years gathering and validating the darker side of Natchez. The first stop was at a bank that is being renuvated. As in any remodeling project, the spiritual residences take issue to the activity. We walked around the darkened building snapping photos in small dark rooms. On our way out, we passed the step leading to the cellar. The lights were on down there, a sight that had me a bit nervous.


One of the visitors asked Eric why the light was on.  His words sent chills down my spine. "I don't know, I didn't turn them on." If he didn't, who did? He then related a story about the Mississippi chapter of TAPS. They had come to investiage twice and will come a third time, this time to film. During one visit, ateam went inro the basement. There is a 20 foot (I think he said) hole in the floor. I can't remember how deep. One member went into the hole and became sick. When his teammates tried to pull him out, something grabbed his legs and tried to pull him back down.


Once they had him out, his blood pressure was very high, his pulse was very high, and his skin felt like he had been sitting in a freezer.  The tean told our guide not to let anyone down there, it was too dangerous.  I believe him.


We then passed a number of houses, listening to the stories behind each one. Toward the end of the tour, we went to the place I was looking forward to - the cemetary. We got out and wndered about taking pictures.  In several of the digitral photos I took, there are round orbs. The cemetary was completely dark, so these lights have to be spirits.


In all, it was a fantastic time.


Next on the agenda, I want ot head to West Virginia - The West Virginia Penitentiary. Here they hold classes on ghost hunting (Ghost Hunting 101). Two hours of classroom, two hours of investgating.

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